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  Cat in Grassy Yard

It is not uncommon for a cat to vomit once in a while. Single bouts of vomiting can be caused by minor conditions such as dietary indiscretion (grass), sudden change in diet, hairballs, eating too rapidly, or stress/excitement.

Most cats recover quickly after these episodes. However frequent/chronic vomiting can be a sign of a more serious GI or systemic condition, such as kidney or liver failure, obstruction, irritable bowel disease, or neoplasia. Other clinical signs associated with a more serious condition include diarrhea, lethargy, weight loss, and change in appetite/water intake.

If your cat is vomiting frequently, or is showing any of the above mentioned clinical signs it is important to determine the cause and treat accordingly to prevent secondary issues such has dehydration, gastric ulcers, and electrolyte imbalances.

For any questions or concerns regarding your cat's health, call us at (773) 878-8002.

Dr. Alia Habhab ("Dr. Alia") has been working at Animal House of Chicago since July 2013. A recent graduate of Ross University Veterinary School, she finished her clinical year at Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine in May 2013. Dr. Alia has a special interest in exotic animal medicine.