Animal House of Chicago's New Cat CondosThere are many new and exciting changes happening at Animal House of Chicago! Please pardon the dust while we add new features to our hospital that will make your pet's visit here so much better. One of the newest projects has been to completely renovate our existing boarding facilities.

New Cat Condos and Feline Play Area

As of this March 2014, we have added a new feline boarding area. Designed specifically for our feline guests, each Cat Condo includes a built-in feeding and watering ledge, a resting ledge, and a privacy area for litter. In addition, there is an enclosed play area with large windows, a cat tree, and ledges for your feline friends to play and explore. The feline boarding area is a dog-free zone, meaning that your cat can relax in luxury and quiet during their stay.

Newly Renovated Small Mammal Boarding Coming Soon

Cats aren't the only ones getting an upgrade, though. The small mammal boarding room has also received a makeover. In the coming months, Animal House of Chicago will also add 5 rabbit pens, which will allow your pet rabbit to hop around in a larger area than our existing boarding pens. Your rabbit will have the company of other rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchilla in a separate (also dog-free) zone.

Interested in taking a tour of the new boarding facilities? Call us today at (773) 878-8002 to learn more, set up a tour, or to book your pet's next vacation!