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A serious outbreak of a canine respiratory infection has been spreading throughout the Chicago area in recent weeks.

Respiratory infections are highly contagious and can be easily spread through dog-to-dog contact, contaminated objects, and even the air. It is most commonly spread in social settings such as doggie daycare, dog parks and grooming salons.

What are the Symptoms of Canine Respiratory Disease?

The most identifiable symptom of canine respiratory disease is a persistent dry cough or a "honking" sound. Some dogs also gag or cough up a white, foamy phlegm. Otherwise, an affected dog may appear healthy.

Canine Respiratory Infection Symptoms

If your dog exhibits coughing or gagging, rapid breathing, lethargy, lack of appetite or a fever, please call us immediately at (773) 878-8002 or contact your veterinarian.

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