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Spayed and Neutered Pets live a healthier and longer life!

At Animal House of Chicago, we believe in the importance of spaying/neutering puppies and kittens to provide them with a long and healthy life.

Spaying or neutering your dog or cat will reduce common problems such as:

  • Puppy and KittenA pyometra, or uterine infection, is a potentially life-threatening condition which can cost thousands of dollars to treat. Occurrence is 100% preventable if your pet is spayed.

  • Over one half of all mammary tumors are malignant and can spread to other areas of the body. Early spaying, prior to your pet beginning its heat cycles, significantly reduces the incidence of tumor formation.

  • There are more puppies and kittens overpopulating shelters than there are people willing to provide them with love and care. Sadly, many are euthanized.

  • Testicular cancer can be eliminated and prostatitis, an infection causing malignant or benign swelling of the prostate, can be greatly reduced with early neutering.

  • Unwanted behavioral problems such as dominance aggression, marking territory and wandering can be avoided with early spaying/neutering.

Pet RabbitWe also also recommend spaying or neutering rabbits, guinea pigs, and rats for the following reasons:

  • Spaying rabbits reduces the risk of uterine cancer and other reproductive diseases.

  • Both spaying and neutering helps to improve the pet quality of your rabbits, greatly reducing undesirable behaviors such as aggression, destructive behaviors, and marking.

  • Spaying your guinea pig reduces the risk of cystic ovaries, uterine cancer, mammary tumors, and other reproductive organ tumors as they age.

  • Neutering your guinea pig reduces the risk of prostate cancer and also, mammary tumors.

  • Spaying rats early in life greatly reduces the risk of mammary and pituitary tumors.